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Do you 'like' my jeans?

We offer a First Look at Sprint's new 4G phone, YouTube helps you hide your home videos, and Diesel lets you crowdsource your next denim purchase over Facebook.

Would you ask your entire Facebook friend base this question:

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"Do these jeans make me look fat?"

I wouldn't. At seven months pregnant, everything makes me look fat. But I digress.

Diesel stores in Spain are using something called the Diesel Cam to let people take photos of themselves in potential purchases and upload them over Facebook Connect to crowdsource whether they are worthy of Diesel's hefty price tag.

I can see this going all kinds of wrong.

First off, if you ask me what I think of those jeans, I'll tell you. Publicly. On your Facebook wall. Do you really want that?

Second, even though the Diesel Cam is located in the shared area of the dressing room, how can you monitor that the photos are PG?

And third, does EVERYTHING have to be about Facebook these days? I'm experiencing the law of diminishing returns over Facebook lately. Part of me wants to delete it all and find a new less-oppressive digital meeting place. But as Matt Asay points out on The Open Road blog, there just isn't a viable alternative yet.

This all has me thinking about the evolution of things. Facebook took the social networking incumbency from MySpace at a time when we were all starting to get frustrated with MySpace. We weren't concerned with privacy back then as much as we were tired of hearing someone's favorite song every time we opened their profile page. Or maybe that was just me? Enter clean and crisp Facebook and a torch was passed.

Now Facebook is dropping the ball when it comes to our trust, but there is surprisingly little waiting in the wings. That is rare in the technology world but the obstacle is data ownership, or lack thereof. I can't export my Facebook world in an XML file. So if I take my business elsewhere, I have to start from scratch and who has the energy for that?

I feel stuck in the macrocosm of Facebook and frustratingly powerless to do anything about it (other than complain on this blog obviously).

It's all one big, theoretical Mobius strip, especially because I'm still hoping you'll "share" this post with the embedded Facebook button above.

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