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Do you crave more illuminated party decorations?

The latest in color-changey LED things.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Imagine if you had one of these in your yard. It's a floating fountain that you can place in your decorative pond of choice (provided it has at least a foot of water in it) and it'll create an array of water that's 10 feet in diameter. Plus, it's illuminated by 42 LEDs that make it an awfully pretty sight. There's even a sensor that will make sure that the lights are only on when it's dark out. Sure, it costs $850, but that's a small price to pay for such coolness. (Right?)

We recommend that you pair this with your light-up inflatable bar, that dancing light MP3 thing, and don't forget the table decorations. Then you can have your very own overpriced backyard rave!

The product description does not, however, say if the Illuminated Floating Fountain is safe for use in ponds that may have fish in them. I'm sure you wouldn't want this thing sucking up all your expensive koi.

(Via Uber-Review)