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Do more with Dropbox's new desktop client

Dropbox 2.0 makes it easier to share files right from the desktop client.

Dropbox updated its desktop client for Macs and PCs yesterday, bring added functionality to the Dropbox window you access either via your Mac's menu bar or your PC's task bar.

For comparison's sake, I present Dropbox's old desktop client on a Mac. Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

The old desktop client was good for getting you quickly to your Dropbox folders or the Dropbox Web site, but it wasn't good for much else. With the Dropbox 2.0 desktop client, you get easy access to your folders and the Web site, along with the ability to initiate sharing a file and accept or decline invites without needing to visit the Dropbox interface. Meanwhile, the other menu items that were visible in the previous version are now accessible from the settings button.

The headliners with this update, however, are the ability from within the desktop client to share files and act on invitations. The desktop client features two areas of your recent activity. At the top, you'll see the three most recent files or folders that others have offered to share with you. At the bottom, you'll see your three most recently changed files, which likely equates to the three files you last uploaded.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In the top section, if someone has shared a folder with you, you can mouse over the item to accept or decline the invite. In contrast, if someone shares a link to a file or a folder with you -- as opposed to sending an invite -- you aren't granted the ability to accept or decline it; it simply shows up in the list. Clicking on the item opens it in your default browser.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In the Recently Changed section below, you can easily share one of these files by simply mousing over it and clicking the Share button. This opens the file in the Dropbox Web interface with a share button above it that lets you send an invitation or copy the link to the file.

Mac and PC users alike can install Dropbox 2.0 here.

(Via The Next Web)