Do AT&T's FaceTime limits break FCC rules?

AT&T is accused of data plan discrimination with FaceTime access, NASA reveals the next mission to Mars, and humans honor their favorite robots.

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Tuesday's tech news roundup honors our future robot overlords:

Do AT&T FaceTime limits break FCC rules?
Watch this: Do AT&T FaceTime limits break FCC rules?

AT&T is being accused of data-plan discrimination and breaking FCC rules regarding new iPhone FaceTime options. AT&T recently announced that iPhone customers could use FaceTime video chat service over a cellular network if they have the new shared data plan. (Previously, FaceTime was limited to Wi-Fi.) But several groups have spoken out about the limit and questioned if it follows FCC guidelines. AT&T responded saying it does not believe this breaks any FCC rules, since FaceTime was offered to all customers over Wi-Fi and this simply expands availability of the service to those with a share data plan.

The Curiosity Mars rover is still warming up, but NASA already is talking about the next mission to Mars in 2016. By then, NASA wants to send a lander to study whether Mars has a solid or liquid cord and if the red planet has tectonic plates.

Anyone who bought a new Windows PC after June 2nd can now register online for a $15 upgrade to Windows 8. The new operating system will be released October 26, and the discounted upgrade is good for PCs bought now until January 31, 2013. For anyone who didn't just buy a new PC, there will be a limited time discounted upgrade for $40.

More AT&T news about data share plans. In order to put a focus on the new plan, AT&T will no longer subsidize the cost of a tablet with a two-year contract. Verizon also stopped doing that in June.

For the first time, Carnegie Mellon University is allowing humans to elect who should be inducted to its Robot Hall of Fame. The award has been given to real and fictional robots, like the Roomba and C-3PO. But this year, you decide if Wall-E, Rosie or Johnny 5 will be honored with as a top bot in entertainment.

And perhaps we'll see the Miimo by Honda honored in the future. This lawn-nibbling robot will be available in Europe next year.

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