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DLO's HomeDock goes high-def (sorta)

The DLO HomeDock HD has an HDMI port that upscales iTunes vids to high-def resolutions.

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John Falcone
DLO HomeDock HD
DLO HomeDock HD: The HDMI output upscales iPod videos to (sorta kinda) HD resolution DLO

The iPod accessories are hitting hot and heavy at Macworld. DLO has used the occasion to take the wraps off its HomeDock HD. As you might guess from the name, the latest iteration of DLO's HomeDock Deluxe now offers upscaled HD video output (720p or 1080i) from an HDMI port built into the dock. (For those that still haven't made the leap to HDTV, it'll still connect to standard televisions via the composite or S-Video jacks.) In addition to playing back iPod-based videos on the big screen, the HomeDock HD also provides TV-based navigation to all of the music and photos on the iPod as well, and the RF remote should work anywhere within 100 feet, regardless of line-of-sight issues.

Sounds cool enough--especially now that iTunes is now renting movies and offering better video quality--but just remember to keep those HD expectations in check. As Gizmodo points out, it comes with the same caveat that's long applied to an upconverting DVD player: it's pretty much superfluous unless it's better than the scaler built into your TV. Look for the DLO HomeDock HD to hit in the spring for $250. It'll be going head-to-head with the very similar Creative Xdock HD ($400, includes streaming audio to a second room), not to mention the revamped Apple TV ($230).