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DLO TransDock car charger/FM transmitter ready for full-screen iPod

DLO TransDock offers a more powerful FM transmitter and a rotating cradle for current and future iPods.

The DLO TransDock for the (hopefully) newly announced full-screen iPod

If Steve Jobs pulls the trigger today at Macworld on Apple's long-rumored new video iPod, said to feature a color touch screen covering its entire front surface for PMP-like video viewing, DLO will be ready with a new TransDock car FM transmitter/charger cradle combo.

This new TransDock, which jacks into a cigarette lighter, has a cradle that completely exposes the front of the video iPod, on the current or the rumored model. The cradle also swivels 90 degrees horizontally for viewing wide-screen video on this maybe-maybe not iPod. Versions are available in black or white.

Even if Jobs decides that announcing iTV and iPhone and Leopard are enough for one droolerfest, the TransDock still offers plenty of new features for current video iPods, including an integrated antenna that ratchets up the FM transmission for smoother play through your car stereo system, a video-out to connect to other mobile video screens in your car, a USB pass-through power connector to charge other devices, and removable faceplates to match the dock to your iPod.

DLO also adds to the growing list of just-add-iPod AM/FM clock radios, with its iBoom Travel ($79.99), which you can use with any iPod. It's available in either black or white to match the iPod you have, and it runs on AAs or AC. It went on sale nationwide yesterday.