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DIY Weekend: Protect your precious flowers with Ewoks

They're cute, fuzzy, and lethal to Stormtroopers. They're Ewoks, and in our third and final installment of Star Wars-themed crafts, we show you how to make an Ewok village-themed flower vase.

Glue your Ewok to his village.
Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

What's cute and fuzzy and ready to defend your precious flowers to the last petal? Why, an Ewok Village flower vase, of course.

For barely $10, supplies from your local arts and crafts supplies store and your own backyard or neighborhood park can help you show off your Star Wars street cred. In the final installment of our Crave series based on projects from Bonnie Burton's "The Star Wars Craft Book," a crack team of crafters fights for what's right by turning a common glass jar and some twigs into an Ewok village flower vase.

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