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DIY Weekend: iPad hangs tough in 'ManHandle'

With $20 and a little elbow grease, iPhone app developer Todd Bernhard hooked his iPad up with a tough-ass case fit for any man.

Todd Bernhard

The first thing I did after buying my iPad was pick up a new bag for it--a U.S. military surplus over-the-shoulder-style map job. The iPad fits perfectly in the back pocket, which is reinforced and has enough room for most things I'd need throughout the day: a charger, sunglasses, flask, and that one girl's phone number scrawled on a casino receipt.

I thought this bag solution fit me well--stylish, masculine, and cheap, just like me. But then I got these pictures of the ManHandle, built by one Todd Bernhard, a Rochester, N.Y., iPhone app developer, and clearly a problem solver.

Bernhard wanted a heavy-duty case to protect his device while in use, but he didn't want to venture into man-purse territory--as I did, ahem. So he built this thing himself out of an 8x10-inch piece of wood, machine screws, and heavy-duty bungee cords. He finished it off with drawer pulls around the sides to make the ManHandle moniker fit just right.

"It looks tough," Bernhard says, "because it is."

It's also a good-looking case, if you can call it that, and it cost Bernhard about $20 and an afternoon to put together. His next step, he tells us, might be to add protective bumpers to the bottom and a chain as a strap. That latter idea might be overkill, unless Bernhard usually dresses like a crazy vampire hunter type, in which case it would fit right in.

Putting the handles in ManHandle. Todd Bernhard

Todd Bernhard, we salute you and your manly solution to carrying an iPad. We like the fact that there are no pockets or flaps; the ManHandle does one thing in its own red-blooded way. The fact that you made it yourself entirely from stuff you bought at a hardware store makes it even better.

Next up in DIY Weekend: A mobile gaming workstation James Bond would love.

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