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DIY Swiss Army Barbie multi-tool is ready for anything

Barbie always makes a fashion statement, but now that she has a hidden a knife, corkscrew, scissors, screwdriver and bottle opener she can solve any problem you throw at her.

Barbie's slogan "We girls can do anything" is even more apt with this handy craft. Mikeasaurus/Instructables

Barbie is considered a fashion icon, but now she can give Rambo a run for his money with this unusual craft on Instructables.

Using a bikini-clad Barbie and a Swiss Army knife, this craft transforms the popular doll into the best accessory for any camping trip, cocktail party or apocalypse.

"Empower young girls to expand their horizons beyond playing with stereotypical gender reinforcing toys by combining a everyone's favorite pink girl-centric doll with something a little stabby," crafter Mikeasaurus said on his Instructables page.

To cut and modify the Barbie doll, Mikeasaurus used a rotary tool that you can see in action here. Insert the Swiss Army knife inside Barbie and then connect the two doll halves with magnets.

The Swiss Army Barbie is a fun, easy and practical craft that took less than $15 (about £10, AU $21) to make.

The comments from Instructables project page sum up how whimsical this craft is.

"This is crazy funny!" Mamazepp wrote. "Love this... I think I want to make it for my dad for Christmas. He will get a kick out of it!"

"This is so twisted, I just have to love it," Mid_life_crisis commented. "I had a Captain Action doll (excuse me - 'action figure') as a kid. This would have been perfect for him."

"Combine it with undercover Ken (thumbdrive and spycam hidden in his halves) and self-defense GI Joe (telescoping baton) and you've got a whole super spy kit hidden in dolls," Bennybenbenny wrote.

While this Barbie doll can be a handy gadget for a quick fix around the house, it also includes quite a few pointy things and a few blades, so don't give this to kids to play with unless you also have medic Ken doll handy.