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R2-D2 hits the roof as a camper vent cover

A "Star Wars" fan turns a boring vent cover on his camper into the droid he's looking for. CNET chats with the DIYer about his crafty efforts to turn R2-D2 into a camping co-pilot.

When R2-D2 is your camper co-pilot, anything is possible. Mike MacDonald

When you're a "Star Wars" fan, pretty much any surface becomes fair game for showing your love of a galaxy far, far away. Even vehicles can be a suitable canvas, as we've seen with a VW van transformed into a tribute to R2-D2 and a jet styled after the beeping co-pilot.

But this is the first time we've seen an R2-D2 camper top. Ontario, Canada-based fan Mike MacDonald decided to give his camper a geeky makeover by adding everyone's favorite astromech to the roof.

"It's one of those things I think a lot of fans do where you see everyday objects that just remind you of the 'Star Wars' universe," MacDonald told CNET's Crave. "I didn't do anything about it until my family and I were watching 'Fanboys' for the hundredth time. My daughter, Shelby, mentioned after seeing the...dome on top of Hutch's van that I should do it to our camper."

To give his camper the droid makeover, MacDonald made a cardboard prototype as a guide. He then set about remaking his original camper dome using PVC connector for his holo-projector and reflective adhesives in place of R2-D2's colored lights.

"Use an action a guide since it's easier to judge dimensions when you can see it in 3D instead of in photos," MacDonald told CNET. Mike MacDonald

While the project took a total of nine hours, MacDonald said it was fairly easy. He does suggest that fans who want to follow in his footsteps should "have patience, a sharp craft knife and a steady hand."

"Take your time and stop when you notice the tape isn't going on just so," MacDonald added. "Don't press too hard when cutting the tape or it won't have a smooth edge."

Considering that R2-D2 was both Anakin Skywalker's and Luke Skywalker's trusty co-pilot, MacDonald thinks the droid makes the perfect co-pilot for a camper.

R2-D2's GPS would be "second to none, and would include star charts," MacDonald said. "He would be ideal for starting campfires with his welding arm. We could use his scanners on hikes to avoid bears. Plus he'd be a great bug zapper; just look what he did to that buzz droid."

"Thanks to the amazing resources of the R2 Builder's Club, I was able to take blueprints of the top of his dome and scale them down to fit the vent cover," MacDonald said. Mike MacDonald