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DIY podcasting with the PM Series Podcaster kit

The PM Series Podcaster kit gives you mostly everything you need to start recording and producing your own podcasts.

The PM-22 Technical Pro

The beauty of podcasts is that anyone with a microphone and computer can make one. If you're looking for a bit of a bump in production value, you may want to check out the Technical Pro PM Series Podcaster kit. While it may not have you sounding as remarkable as The 404 or Buzz Out Loud, you certainly will have everything you need to get going.

The kit comes in two bundles, the PM21 and PM-22. The 21 will set you up for a single-person podcast, while the 22 has room for two hosts. Each kit comes with a four-channel mixer with auxiliary inputs for an MP3 or CD player and Audacity audio-editing software. In the spirit of portability, the mixer can even work with a 9V battery so you can take the show on the road.

The PM-21 and PM-22 kits are available now for $129 and $189, respectively.