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DIY Lamborghini makes model trains look quaint

For the price of six iPads, you can turn heads in China.

Gamma Squad

We're big on DIY these days at Crave, but sometimes you can take things too far. Meet Chen Jinmiao from Chenzhou in China. The man's a mechanic by trade and really wanted a Lamborghini. Thing is, they're expensive even for the rich, but Chen wasn't going to let his lack of wealth stand in his way.

Instead, he spent a year and about $3,000 on components to create his own Lambo clone.

We're not clear how fast this thing goes, but it's certainly not as fast as the real thing. So maybe Chen takes a little longer to get where he's going, but he'll look good getting there.

He based his design off of drawings he found on the Internet and made the car with junk, lots of metal junk. True to Lamorghini design, it has a rear-mounted engine and scissor-action doors. And it's yellow. Next week I'll start work on my DIY rocketpack.