DIY hacker sews keyboard into shants, redefines touch-typing

Zach Hoeken makes himself a new set of keyboard pants.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu
So..much...neon. Thingiverse

We've seen keyboards integrated into pants before (in this edition of DO NOT CRAVE), but we're willing to give it another chance because Brooklynite Zach Hoeken actually made these himself.

Zach spawned the keyboard pants idea at Sunday's Fashion Hacking Day sponsored by NYC Resistor, a collective that brings hackers together to share knowledge and collaborate on creative projects. Instead of throwing away a flexible silicone keyboard he had lying around the house, he decided to cut it in half and sew it onto a pair of shants.

Hoeken lists the required tools and outlines a basic six-step process to making your own keyboard pants on his blog, but we still can't understand why someone would want to walk around in this things (I don't even think nerdy girls will want to get anywhere close to that spacebar).

Nevertheless, we applaud Zach's DIY mentality and encourage him to get to work on the Nike high tops from "Back to the Future 2" as soon as possible.