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Disneyland's Star Wars expansion could look just like this

A new piece of concept art depicting Disney's new Star Wars park expansion gives would-be attendees a peek at what could be.

Brittany Vincent
Brittany Vincent is a freelance social-media producer at CNET.
Brittany Vincent
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Disney's upcoming Star Wars "lands" are coming along nicely, if the latest concept art is any indication. The new art appeared Monday on the company's DisneyParks blog.

Verdant greenery abounds, with a hint at the sort of layout we can expect to see from the expansion. There's a lush lagoon, an X-Wing flying overhead and hints at where guests may be able to head for special Star Wars-themed attractions.

The layout seems to mirror the original description provided by Disney: "The Star Wars Experience in Disneyland is set to take 14 acres of new land, where guests will be allowed into the cockpit for 'complete control' of the Millennium Falcon, get mixed up between a scuffle between the Resistance and the First Order or even say hello to some droid and aliens friends. Of course, this isn't the only park getting Star Wars goodness, with this one touching down in Disneyland and one in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida."

The Force is definitely with fans looking to see more of the park as it comes together. Hopefully there won't be too much of a wait going forward, but if there is, remember one of the most important parts of being a Jedi: patience, Padawan.