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Disney parks to unwrap Star Wars lands in 2019

Disney's largest single-theme expansion, which will include Han Solo's Millennium Falcon spaceship, will open in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Concept art lays out Star Wars land at Disneyland.

Disney's Star Wars lands, one at Disneyland in California and another at Walt Disney World in Florida, are scheduled to open in 2019.

Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement during an investor call Tuesday, according to Disney's DisneyParks blog.

Star Wars lands will be the largest single-theme expansions in the history of the parks, Disney said.

The lands will feature a couple of "signature attractions," including one that lets visitors pilot Han Solo's storied Millennium Falcon spaceship on a mission, and an "epic 'Star Wars' adventure that puts guests in the middle of a climactic battle," according to the DisneyParks blog.

The Walt Disney Company bought the distribution rights for all future Star Wars films as part of its $4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm five years ago, and Disney has been working its marketing magic on the franchise ever since. The upcoming Star Wars lands will likely become a magnet for legions of fans of the sci-fi and fantasy films.

Concept art for Star Wars lands also includes a flying X-Wing over a lush, green landscape dotted with towering spires of rock, as well as various markets, landing zones and buildings.

Fans got a 360-degree look at the groundbreaking at the 14-acre construction site at Disneyland in April.

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