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Disney launches Magic Moments website to fill the Disneyland void

Disney Magic Moments has videos from rides and parades, story time with actors, and the new Frozen digital series.

Magic Happens Disneyland
Disneyland's new parade debuted Feb. 28 before the park closed down March 12.
Disney/Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET
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While its theme parks are closed indefinitely during the spread of COVID-19, Disney has launched a new website designed to keep fans entertained. So far, it includes the new digital series At Home With Olaf and Disneyland content like a virtual ride-through of It's A Small World, singalong time with the Dapper Dans and a virtual viewing of the new Magic Happens parade.

There's also story time with original Mulan voice actress and Disney Legend Ming-Na Wen and with John Stamos, a tutorial on how to draw Olaf, photos from Disney World, Epcot's percussionist janitors jamming, recipes, Pixar coloring pages and more.

"Disney Magic Moments lets you experience the magic of Disney wherever you may be," Disney says on the Magic Moments site. "Enjoy Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic with stories, videos, and activities to inspire imagination and discovery among kids, fans and families alike."

Disney added it's been "thrilled" to see families create their own Disney moments while isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic, like people who have made their own rides.