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Dish Network gives away HD-DVR with new subscription plan

Dish Network announced a new subscription plan that includes a "free" ViP-622 high-def DVR.

The headline on Dish Network's press release says "free high-definition DVR," but the fine print is a bit less exciting. The company introduced two new programming packages, called DishDVR Advantage and Dish DVR Advantage HD, that are said to reduce the cost of items purchased separately--as much as seven percent for the first package (woo hoo!). The "free high-definition DVR," a ViP-622 normally available for $199, is part of the HD version. For the reasonable cost of $69.99 per month, customers will receive the DVR, the satcaster's 30 national HD channels (more info), and the company's America's Top 200 standard-def package. Speaking of standard-def, the new DishDVR Advantage replaces the ViP-622 with a standard-def DVR, the dual-tuner DVR 625, drops the HD package, and costs $49.99 per month. An offer for new customers basically gives them the HD package for free for the first 10 months. Both new packages will be available starting February.

In a separate announcement, Dish said it would introduce MobileDish, an in-car satellite service that works with a new roof rack-mount antenna designed by RaySat. The company didn't provide many details other than that it would have more information this spring.

In case you're wondering, Dish Network did not announce any new HD channels to counter the blockbuster 100-channel announcement made by rival DirecTV, but for now, Dish still leads the pack in total available HD channels.