Dirty Coin is the love child of cryptocurrency and Wu-Tang Clan

The estate of Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard is launching a new cryptocurrency. We know what you're thinking -- about time.

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Wu-Tang Clan rapper Russell "Ol' Dirty Bastard" Jones in 2003, a year before his death. 

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It's the collision of worlds we've all been waiting for: Cryptocurrency meets the Wu-Tang Clan. Finally.

The estate of Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard, who passed away in 2004, is starting a new cryptocurrency, with the late artist's son, Barsun "Young Dirty" Jones serving as the face, reports Coin Desk. The family is teaming with Link Media for the crypto, called Dirty Coin. An investor's dream.

But actually, it isn't really about investing as much as it is marketing. It's being used as a fundraiser for Jones' first album. Speaking to Coin Desk, Jones' description sounded more like a crowd-funding program than an initial coin offering (ICO). 

"If fans basically bought a Dirty Coin before the concert, they have a better chance of getting in, probably for the price of nothing," he said. "So it's a big opportunity for our fans."

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Dirty Coin will be traded from later this year, if you're into that type of thing. Astonishingly, this is the second Wu-Tang-related crypto exploit, with Ghostface Killah last year launching Cream Capital

The crypto game blew up last year after Bitcoin hit $19,000 in value last December. Several celebrities have tried to get in, including Steven Seagal, who in February became an ambassador to the Bitcoiin2gen cryptocurrency.