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DirecTV signs up for Google TV Ads

Google's project to bring self-service TV ads to the airwaves has a new partner in DirecTV. This complements its existing relationship with Dish Network.

Google's hopes of transforming the TV ad business took another small step on Wednesday, as the search giant announced a distribution deal with DirecTV.

It's fair to say that Google TV Ads hasn't set the television world on fire over the last couple of years. Still, at least it's growing: Google has added 11 new channels on DirecTV that will air ads uploaded by its customers, it announced Wednesday.

Google TV Ads is basically an attempt to take the self-service search-ad model that has turned Google into a financial powerhouse and replicate it on the small screen. Google TV Ads customers upload video ads to Google's site and can decide how much they want to spend per ad impression.

Dish Network was Google's primary vehicle for getting those ads in front of TV viewers, but now it has a few more channels to work with. DirecTV channels participating in the deal include Bloomberg Television, Centric, Chiller, Current TV, Fit TV, Fox Business, Fuel, G4, Ovation, Sleuth, and TV Guide.

The big payoff for Google TV Ads might come later this year or next year, after Google TV makes its debut. The technologies being honed as part of this project could be used to make ads alongside Google TV content more interesting and more lucrative for Google's partners.