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DirecTV in a suitcase for $1,499

'SatGo' was announced in January, but the price is now known (gulp).


If there's a polar opposite to satellite TV in an RV, it would be this. Not only is the "SatGo" small, but it doesn't require a stationary installation; it's so portable that it can be toted around in its own trifold carrying case.

The DirecTV system, which has a 17-inch LCD and laptop-style battery, was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January but didn't have a price tag--which we suspected wouldn't exactly be a bargain. Slashgear confirmed that suspicion, saying it's now available for $1,499. And that doesn't include the additional $5 for the service on the monthly satellite TV bill.

It's not clear to us who would need this kind of system, especially at those prices. As for us, we're busy enough with just our laptop trying to keep up with the Dramatic Chipmunk links some of our co-workers keep sending us.