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DirecTV helps TiVo to reach million mark

The digital video recorder company says it has signed up 1 million subscribers, propelled by its partnership with satellite service provider DirecTV.

Digital video recorder company TiVo said on Tuesday that its customer base has grown to 1 million.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company said its partnership with satellite TV provider DirecTV is driving up sales and standalone subscriptions. The satellite company currently offers four different tuners that integrate TiVo's technology, which allows TV viewers to record shows to a hard drive and to pause live programming.

Makers of consumer electronics gear such as Toshiba and Pioneer have also incorporated TiVo into their DVD products.

"We have reached this milestone ahead of plan," TiVo CEO Michael Ramsay said Tuesday in a statement announcing the million-subscriber tally. "We expect this momentum to continue."

DVRs are growing in popularity with PC makers, who are also expected to turn their efforts to selling digital entertainment devices, such as connected DVD players, this holiday season. In one example, Dell has plans to hawk hardware and to sign up subscribers for DirecTV's digital video recording service, which combines satellite TV with TiVo's DVR technology.

Also with an eye on the holiday season, TiVo announced a $50 rebate on its Series2 recorders in September. The rebate offer will last until the end of the year.

On Tuesday, TiVo said that customers who upgrade their service to the Home Media Option package can get additional features such as the ability to view family photos on a television set.