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Is this the new 'Ghostbusters' proton pack? It looks like a downgrade

Director Paul Feig tweets a picture of an unlicensed nuclear accelerator that appears to have been purchased from old Radio Shack parts, but CNET's Danny Gallagher likes the homemade look.

This is either a gutted-out stereo speaker strapped to a tacklebox, or it's the proton pack that will be used by the new team of Ghostbusters.Paul Feig/Twitter

Director Paul Feig, the man in charge of the "Ghostbusters" film reboot that will feature an all-female crew of funny spirit wranglers, appears to have started a mini-teaser campaign for the movie on Twitter.

Monday night, he sent out the first picture of the outfits the team will wear in the field, and Tuesday, he gave fans their first peek at what appears to be the new proton packs for the film.

The pack, tweeted with the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot, seems to have all the basic working functions of the original pack, such as the side-holstered particle accelerator and the rounded cyclotron. The parts have been moved around a bit and it's actually a nice surprise that we're probably not getting an Apple-ized version of the proton packs for the new movie.

Of course, hard-core fans of the classic '80s horror comedy (like me) will notice that the packs appear to have been given a less sleek look than their predecessors. That may anger some fans already opposed to a reboot since it takes the new movie one step further away from the film's original universe.

But I think giving the pack a dirtier, more homemade look actually makes a good bit of comedic sense. The original proton packs had an iconic look that made them one of the first movie props fans started making on their own long before toy and model companies realized the potential profits of offering premade kits and sets.

So simply copying the design that actor and writer Dan Aykroyd described in meticulous detail thanks to his extensive knowledge in electronics and nuclear science could just set the filmmakers up for even more ridicule. At least this shows that Feig and company are trying to blaze their own trail with their own take on an already insane idea for a comedy movie.

Plus, there's something inherently funny about it. A team of scientists are using a particle thrower that could stop all forms of life on a molecular level and it looks like it something they put together with parts from a "going out of business sale" at Radio Shack.

Feig's "Ghostbusters" will bust into theaters in July 2016.

A side-by-side comparison of the new and original Ghostbusters proton packs. Someone needs to put the new pack on a fake Omni magazine cover right now. Paul Feig's Twitter Account/Columbia