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J.J. Abrams (maybe) wants a halt to 'Star Wars' set leaks

In a pleading note, or perhaps a coy marketing device, the director asks that people stop leaking photos, especially of the Millennium Falcon, from the "Star Wars: Episode VII" set.

Is this note from director J.J. Abrams another clue as to who's leaking photos from the "Star Wars: Episode VII" set? Bad Robot

When "Star Wars: Episode VII" Director J.J. Abrams posts a photo on his official Bad Robot Twitter account, fans are in for a treat. After all, he did post the first photo from the first day of shooting the film for all to see.

But recently, Abrams tweeted a photo of a note in his handwriting asking people to stop leaking photos from the "Star Wars: Episode VII" set. Of course, since he made mention of the Millennium Falcon in particular, more cynical, or perhaps clever, fans might deduce that the director could be approving these leaked images, recently posted by numerous entertainment blogs.

"I wish people would stop leaking photos from Episode VII," Abrams wrote in a note (placed on top of what looks like the Dejarik hologame table). "And making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie."

It's no secret that companies like Lucasfilm and Disney have calculated, and sometimes heavily regulated, internal rules for when images and cast or director announcements are and should be revealed for their major upcoming films.

Whether Abrams is releasing these "leaked" photos himself to bypass the usual chain of command for movie announcements -- such as whether or not the Millennium Falcon is actually featured in "Star Wars: Episode VII" -- has yet to be confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney.

Either way, we're pretty excited the Falcon may or may not be in the new "Star Wars" film.