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Dinosaur dating sim lets you mack on T. rex

The Jurassic Heart online dating simulator invites you to crush on a fictional Cretaceous boyfriend.

Jurrasic Heart couple
Aw, young cross-species love.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

My boyfriend is a little different than most. His name is Taira-kun. He's big and strong, though his arms are tiny. He's actually a Tyrannosaurus rex, but I don't seem to hold that against him. I'm all caught up in Jurassic Heart, an online dating simulator that pairs you up with an extinct beast for a love interest.

The sim gives you difficult choices to make, like which hair clip to wear before meeting your big lug. Naturally, the meat-on-the-bone hair clip is the one to go with. Cute and yummy.

According to the sim, Taira and I have a lot in common. We both like meat. We both play the ukulele (at least I do in real life), though it doesn't get into the specifics of how the necktie-wearing dino manages to play the tiny instrument. The sim takes you through meeting up with your carniverous heartthrob, buying a ukulele, eating grilled chicken in the park, and taking a romantic evening walk.

Though Taira is a big brute who could crush you in his massive jaws, he has a tender side. He's afraid of performing in front of people, which makes him endearing. He's very self-conscious about his tiny arms. Who knew flesh-rending thunder lizards were so sensitive?

There is an element of suspense to Jurassic Heart. It's possible to make the wrong choices and end up broken-hearted over your failed dinosaur love affair. Perhaps this is a glimpse into what the new "Jurassic Park" movie will look like. This time, Sam Neill falls in love with a velociraptor!

Whatever you're doing right now, it can wait. Close that spreadsheet, put down that report, make an excuse and leave the meeting early. Go play Jurassic Heart.

Jurrasic Heart screenshot
What a hunk. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

(Via Daily Dot)