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Digital pixels, analog yarn = Nintendo sweater

This Nintendo sweater vest is as nerdy as they come, and just as adorable.

If you're going to knit, do it like this.

We spotted a lucky guy whose wife not only knits him things, but knits him nerdy Nintendo-themed things. On DIY site Craftster, poster UpKnitCreek writes that her hubby has been in love with Nintendo (and especially Mario games) since he was 5 years old. Thus, in the true spirit of nerd-appreciating spouses, she made him what she calls "the nerdiest sweatervest" (though isn't "nerdy" and "Nintendo sweatervest" sort of redundant?).

Anyway, if you're the crafty type and you have a Nintendo-loving nerd in your life, you can download the pattern for this adorably geeky garment from UpKnitCreek's blog, Happy Seamstress. We love it when nerdiness and fashion collide. Fashion, on the other hand, might not be as excited, but we're OK with that.