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Digital photo frame looks back at you

Webcam is built into this portable picture frame.

Hong Kong WinWin

If it weren't for the obvious lens, this would be an item we'd expect to have seen from a spy gadgets purveyor: A Webcam that watches you watching it, kind of like an Escher drawing come to life.

We can't help but think that this is one of those inventions that, years from now, will be laughable when everyone has a two-way video watch phone. In the meantime, this combo digital photo frame and Webcam is at least taking a step in that direction because Red Ferret says it's portable and small enough to stow in your pocket.

If you get replace your grandmother's Ceiva frame with one of these, however, be sure to warn her before calling to say you can see what she's looking at. Otherwise you might give her a coronary.