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Digital luggage scale saves money and muscles

By just lifting the bag, travelers can use the Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale to avoid overweight baggage fees.

Balanzza digital luggage scale
Luggage can be lifted and weighed with this strap-on digital luggage scale. Balanzza

As more airlines start charging for checked luggage and extra bags, penny-pinching fliers who shove all their clothes into one suitcase may face overweight bag charges or thrown-out backs.

Balanzza's Digital Luggage Scale is made to prevent travelers from over-packing luggage at times when a bathroom scale is unavailable.

First, the traveler wraps the scale's strap around the handle of a suitcase or bag. When they pick the bag straight up, listen for the device to beep, and set the bag down, the gadget readout will display the weight in pounds or kilograms.

The company is also producing a new ergonomic style of the suitcase scale that will ship at the end of July. The original product runs for $21.99, and the Balanzza Ergo will cost $24.95.

Anything more than 100 pounds is not safe to be lifted by the travel-size device--but if your bag weighs near that much, you may want to consider a new packing strategy anyway.

(Via ThinkGeek)