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Digital City: Episode 4

Digital City: Episode 4

Mass transit is our theme this week, along with Comcast's new comcastic download speeds, some breaking video game news, and a brief discussion on the merits of the Incredible Hulk on Blu-ray.
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L Subway Line To Show Trains' Locations
For the past year and a half, riders on the L train have had the unique advantage of knowing how long till the next train arrives. And in a few weeks, some of those riders will even know the exact location of every train along the line, thanks to these new screens known as train locator consoles.

Comcast launches faster Internet plans, but usage cap remains
Comcast announced two new tiers of service for heavy residential downloaders, along with speed upgrades for subscribers of its existing services. The two new plans, dubbed "Extreme" and "Ultra" clock in at 50 and 22 Mbps of downstream respectively. But -- subscribers of the residential plans will get no higher cap over the 250GB monthly limit which was instated earlier this October.

Election stuff
Do we have electronic voting machines in NYC?

E3 comback?
E3 the big video game trade show, is going back to its old format next year. For the past two years, it's been a small, invite-only affair with 5,000 or so attendees. In past years, it was 40,000 people or more. (Although, despite rumors, it's still not going to be open to the general public.)

PSP Problems?
New screen on the PSP-3000 looks wonky, some say. JK and I saw these at one of those Pepcom events -- looked fine to me.