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Digital City: Episode 3

Digital City: Episode 3

This week on the Digital City, it's an (almost) all-Apple special, as we talk about the new MacBooks. A quick note: Even if you listen to or download the show from this site, be a mench and click on the "Subscribe to this podcast using iTunes" button on the right side of the screen. Thanks in advance ;)
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Digital City rundown
Episode 3

New MacBooks!
Went down to the Apple store in Soho the next day -- no lines, no MacBooks, biz as usual. In fact, the entire store was filled with people using the old MacBooks still on display to check their e-mail.

I took the new MacBook down to the coffee shop -- no one even noticed...but Jeff, Wilson, Justin totally flipped for it.

Were we wrong about video games being recession-proof? Sales down for September...
But it may be because last September we had Halo 3...

ATM Skimming machines
Every New Yorker's worst nightmare! These new machines will SMS the card info to crooks. Citibank also had a big ATM security problem a few months ago here in NYC -- someone hacked into their system and stole ZTM card numbers and PIN codes.

New Yorkers Most Vulnerable To Computer Attacks
New York City is the most dangerous place to be a computer user, according to a recent study. New York is followed by Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Miami, Florida.

Of course, this study is from PC Tools, a company that makes anti-virus software...