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Digital City: Episode 2

The second official episode of Digital City, our ongoing conversation about technology and urban spaces.

It's the highly anticipated second episode of Digital City, our ongoing conversation about technology and urban spaces. Look for a new episode every Monday, available here at or on iTunes.
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Digital City rundown
Episode 2

Market Meltdown continues!!!
World Stock Markets have lost $26 Trillion since the peak of almost exactly one year ago.

Apple -- $92 -- was north of $160 a couple of weeks ago
Sirius -- 39-cents! Seriously!
GameStop $27 -- was $60 last Xmas season
Take-Two -- $11 -- was $25 or so for most of the year
Microsoft -- doing ok, actually. Mid-20s to mid-30s most of the year, now $20.

Wi-fi on LIRR?
They already have it in Penn Station, why not on the actual trains? Sounds annoying, actually. Cablevision has free Wi-fi on LIRR platforms now -- for Optimum High-speed customers only.

Prisoner of the Cable company!
FIOS vs. Cablevision vs. Time Warner. Note that Cablevision and the Dolan family actually own MSG. [Bonus -- see who's got what HD channels]

Netflix adds $1 per month surcharge for Blu-ray
WTF? Netflix is already winning on Blu-ray since I can't do the old burn-n-return on them...

Yahoo's fire sale
Yahoo's Jerry Yang was apparently in NYC last week to talk about possibly buying and/or merging with AOL. Of course, with Yahoo stock now down around $12, that seems less likely.

Apple's got new laptops coming this week!
All-aluminum one-piece construction? What is the "brick?" Will we see an $800 MacBook? Leaked spy shots are everywhere -- are they real?

Required viewing: Sony CEO Howard Stringer on 'Charlie Rose'
Anyone who knows my television viewing habits knows that the only program I have my DVR automatically record for me is Charlie Rose, the long-running PBS talk show. Last week's long, candid conversation with Sir Howard Stringer, chairman and CEO of Sony, should be required viewing for anyone interested in consumer electronics.