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Digital City 98: NYC Maker Faire highlights, why we keep our phones longer, and Gilt obsession

This week, Scott and Joey recount their adventures at the NYC version of the Maker Faire; a new study shows we're waiting longer to upgrade our phones; and Dan recounts his obsession with the super-hot fashion startup

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We ventured out into the real world this week, with Scott and Joey trekking out to Queens to attend the NYC version of the Maker Faire, and coming back with a slideshow of exotic DIY inventions.

A new study shows we're all keeping our mobile phones longer than ever--is it because they've gotten so good that we want to hold onto them, or because we're locked into onerous multiyear contracts? Later, Dan recalls the moment of horror he experienced last week, when he realized every single item of clothing he was wearing came from super-hot private shopping start-up

In you're keeping count, we're only two weeks away from the big 100th episode special! Be sure to tune in for all sorts of surprises and giveaways, including the ultimate video game T-shirt collection and the long-awaited downloadable Digital City theme song MP3.

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