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Digital City 85: E3 edition--Kinect, motion games, Nintendo's mysterious 3DS

This week's edition of Digital City happens right in the middle of E3 week. Guest Scott Alexander joins the crew while Dan's out west as we break down Microsoft and wonder what Sony and Nintendo have in store.

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A certain E3 Expo has swept in to steal the spotlight everywhere, so, of course, we spend the episode breaking down the aftermath of Microsoft's news conference, including an impressive surprise from ESPN. Is the Kinect worth it? Will Nintendo's 3DS be any good? And why are there so many damn shooters? Our guest, gaming/tech expert, E3 veteran, and former Playboy editor Scott Alexander, joins us for some grumpy and impassioned talk.

Next week, Dan will be back from his E3 adventures, hands full of strange pictures and stranger stories. Until then, enjoy the show!

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