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Diggnation, now on Hulu

The popular Revision3 geek culture show, Diggnation, has made its debut on Hulu.

Everyone's favorite beer drinking techies, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, are now breaking down Digg's weekly top stories on Hulu with their wildly popular show, Diggnation. Thanks to a deal between Revision3 and Hulu, announced back in May, Diggnation is now featured on Hulu, alongside popular mainstream shows, such as Heroes and SNL.

Revision3's most popular web show, Diggnation, is now available on Hulu. Hulu

While Diggnation has gained immense cult popularity, its availability on Hulu could help bring it to an even larger, more mainstream audience. Hulu (along with other online video sites) has definitely played a role in bringing even more popularity to shows in the past, with prime examples being the current It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a renewed interest in the dearly departed Arrested Development. By putting this content in front of the eyes of a lot of potentially new viewers and allowing them to get into shows that they may never have seen before, these shows have been able to broaden their audiences.

Revision3 is leading the way in terms of becoming the poster child for web TV networks. Deals like this one with Hulu will only extend their reach. Click through for a Diggnation clip, courtesy of Hulu.