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News aggregator Digg is sold for parts, Dish customers can still see Sunday's Breaking Bad premiere, and the Uber app tries some sweet marketing.

Friday's top tech stories teach us that Web giants may die, but ice cream is forever:

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What's left of the social news aggregator Digg has been purchased by Betaworks, a company that runs and several other Web businesses. Digg will be folded into, a daily news app and e-mail digest. Digg has been struggling and was slowly disassembled. A subsidiary of Washington Post bought some of the Digg talent, LinkedIn grabbed some patents, and on Thursday, Betaworks acquired what was left. The Wall Street Journal has sources saying Betaworks acquired Digg for around $500,000. Just think, four years ago Digg was almost bought by Google for $200 million.

DirecTV isn't the only television provider in a scuff with cable networks. Dish Network dropped AMC last month over a dispute in fees. The pain will be felt on Sunday for Breaking Bad fans. AMC is allowing Dish subscribers to live-stream the season preimere from their computers, but that's only for the first episode.

If you have more than one Google account, you can now merge your Google+ accounts into one. But you better be sure you want to, because you can't take back a transfer. Also, it takes two days to merge accounts, during which you can't post or make changes to your circles.

Facebook has debuted another new feature that will notify you when friends are getting married or engaged. You'll find it on the top right-hand corner, in the same area as birthday notifications.

Microsoft will be holding an event at 12 p.m. Pacific on Monday. Reports have said it will be focused around a new version of Microsoft Office. You can follow the news at our live blog.

We got our eye on the Uber app today. Uber is a quick way to request a car or SUV for pickup and have the ride automatically billed to your credit card. But there was a new twist to the app on Friday. The company let users summon an ice cream truck. Seven major cities got the chance to order ice cream on demand during a promotion. It's not the first time Uber has promoted itself with food trucks. Friday's event was tied to national ice cream month, and they surely might try it again by partnering with other vendors.

But marketing aside, having an ice cream truck arrive on demand is a sweet feature that would make a great app, don't ya think?

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