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Did Woz cause tech's 'Dancing' snub?

After Steve Wozniak's controversial appearance on last season's "Dancing with the Stars," this season's cast is announced without any tech presence at all.

It's an enormous setback for the tech world's acceptance into mainstream society.

Next season's celebrity cast of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" was announced Monday.

And while luminaries such as somewhat disgraced politician Tom DeLay, somewhat disregarded singers Donny Osmond and Macy Gray and somewhat forgotten athletic icons such as former Cowboys' receiver Michael Irvin and mixed martial arts and UFC poster person Chuck Liddell, there was no tech presence at all.

In recent years, tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban acquitted himself with much credit, despite newly inserted artificial samba hips.

However, one is concerned that the vast vat of controversy ladled by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the last series caused the rather lily livered producers to steer clear of the valley of silicon.

Couldn't they at least make him a guest judge? CC Macinate/Flickr

For those whose memories do not have the last series indelibly etched, Woz called the producers some rather critical names, such as liars.

However, shortly afterward (and perhaps after examining his contract), he withdrew his accusations, performed the Worm, and wriggled out of the competition as his cha-cha was not quite as impressive as the controversy.

I have a deep and troublesome tremor that his questioning of the voting procedures and a general demeanor that would not have disgraced the National Ham Federation's Annual Ball may have led to the producers' refusal to include a tech personality.

It will therefore be troublesome for those techies who have the hacking skills to make or break a contestant to decide who is their chosen one.

I predict snowboarder Louie Vito will receive a considerable following in the Techdome.

Personally, though, my heart, eyes, and whiskers will only be moved by "Entourage" actress Debi Mazar. One can only hope she can actually dance.