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Did iPod save girl struck by lightning?

A teen is struck by lightning but escapes with only minor injuries possibly because her iPod headphones diverted the electricity away from her body.

Here is a piece of advice, sponsored by whoever it is that controls the world.

If you're going to be struck by lightning, it is a good idea to have your iPod headphones around your neck (though not in your ears).

I bring you this exciting counsel because I have just encountered the story of 14-year-old Sophie Frost of Southend-on-Sea, England.

According to reports in a variety of British newspapers, Frost was sheltering beneath a fine English tree on Monday evening when the great gods of lightning--Fulgora (for those with a Roman bent), Indra (for those of Hindu inclination), and Tlaloc (let's not forget the Aztecs)--decided to waft a bolt her way.

I do not believe that Fulgora, Indra, or Tlaloc had it in for Sophie. I simply conjecture that they were annoyed the Lakers had won it all.

Frost, who was holding hands with her boyfriend under the tree, remembers nothing of what happened, but her burnt skin and clothes tell the tale.

Quick, pull out those headphones out of your ears. CC Kyle May/Flickr

According to her mother, doctors say she survived because she had her iPod headphones hanging around her neck.

"The doctors say her iPod saved her. Her nan (editors note: a cute word for grandma) only bought it a few days ago. Luckily, she wasn't actually wearing the headphones. If she had been, she might not be here today," her mother told the Sun.

The teen herself added: "Everybody's said the iPod must have diverted the lightning away from my body, which probably saved my life. I've got a few burns, but it's all healing OK."

Apparently, the Daily Express reported, the fact that she was wearing shoes and holding hands with her beau didn't hurt either.

A representative at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford told CNET that the young patient went home Thursday.

Her boyfriend, Mason Billington, does have some eye damage, but it is hoped he will recover fully.

The same could not be said of her iPod. Indeed, her mother said that her daughter seemed more worried about the iPod's fate than anything else.

Don't you understand, Mrs. Frost? It was almost, like, brand new.