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Did George Foreman approve this?

I sure don't think so.


I'm female. I don't mind pink. In fact, I kind of like it. I wore a pink shirt the other day, and my iPod is housed in a hot pink iSkin. I wouldn't buy a pink RAZR (the quintessential example of a pink gadget) but if someone gave one to me along with a nice fat data plan, I'd take it. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I'm not a pink-hater.

That being said, I see absolutely no reason for the existence of a baby-pink George Foreman grill, which GadgetCandy drew our attention to today. There are plenty of cool colors for a grill. Heck, if they made a turquoise Foreman, I'd consider buying it. But this slightly-darker-than-cotton-candy hue is just pukeworthy. It looks like a freaking Polly Pocket playset, except for the fact that anybody who's dumb enough to open it up and poke around inside will get a nasty third-degree burn.

If this grill ever sees success, I'm guessing that it'll be due to the small number of (delusional) women who insist on making everything in their kitchens pink, or to frat boys who think that it'd make a nice gag gift.