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Dessert is coming: 'Game of Thrones' cake forged from fondant

Forget the Iron Throne, we now have an Iced Throne fashioned in detail from cake and fountains of fondant.

Gams of Thrones cake
Well, this looks comfortable.

You could spend $30,000 on a life-size "Game of Thrones" Iron Throne replica crafted from the swords of your fallen foes, but it has one big drawback besides the price. It's not edible.

A Redditor posted photos of a "Game of Thrones" cake a friend's mom made. With a Reddit handle like Craptacularama, you know it's got to be good. It's not just good, it's spectacular.

The cake appears to have a vanilla base with chocolate arms and loads of silver fondant coming down in waves of swords. If you wanted to really cut it in style, you would use a broadsword and a firm, two-handed grip.

Leave it to the Reddit community to point out that there's enough fondant on this cake to deflect a dragon attack. Still, I think the visual effect is more than worth the layers of icing-like substance. You can always fish out the cake's guts and leave behind the hard, lifeless shell of your fallen food foe.

Game of Thrones cake cut
And just to prove it's a real cake, here are the innards. Craptacularama