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Designers cram entire hotel room into a suitcase

A portable hotel room design packs down into a trunk, and then pops up into a sleeping area and work space.

Hotello open
It's a trunk. It's a hotel. It's Hotello.
Robert de Luca, Antonio Scarponi

Hotels can be a hassle. You have to read reviews, check booking sites, arrange transportation, and sometimes deal with noisy neighbors. If you got a Hotello instead, you could just pop open your hotel room wherever you felt like it and settle in for some quality work or nap time.

Hotello is a concept portable hotel room and working space created by architect Antonio Scarponi and artist Robert de Luca for Swiss design group Das Konzept. The whole thing packs down into a red trunk with wheels on the bottom, so you could conceivably carry it with you, though it would have to go into checked baggage on a plane, and you'd probably have to cough up a lot of extra luggage fees.

Hotello has a metal structure to hold up sound-absorbent curtains. Inside, there's a bed, table, stool, and place to hang your clothes. A lamp on a poseable arm lights up the space. If there's a flaw in the plan, it's the lack of bathroom facilities. Also, there's no roof, so you'd be open to the whims of the elements.

Hotello will be presented at an upcoming interactive exhibit in Milan, Italy. While a hotel in a suitcase may not be the most practical hotel alternative, it is a fun idea that shows an impressive ability to pack a lot of stuff down into a small space. It's certainly more luxurious than your average camping-tent setup.

So what's the purpose of this unusual creation? Scarponi writes that it is "conceived to extemporarily inhabit the empty lofts of the contemporary city." He envisions it being used to take back abandoned urban spaces like factories, warehouses, and military barracks. Sounds great, just make sure there's a working bathroom facility somewhere nearby.

Hotello in trunk
Hotello before transforming into a room. Robert de Luca, Antonio Scarponi

(Via PSFK)