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Designer turns Apple EULA into story, 'The Man Who Agreed'

As a statement on the many who sign on to end-user licensing agreements too fast, Florence Meunier prints out a EULA and reworks it into something new.

Florence Meunier

How many times have you clicked "I agree" on a software end-user licensing agreement before reading the whole thing? Let's rephrase that: Have you ever read any part of a EULA before agreeing to it? Has anyone, really?

"By clicking 'I Agree,' we accept rather odd conditions that we are not aware of because the very design of it is not intended to be read," says London graphic design student Florence Meunier.

To highlight that fact, Meunier printed out the actual text of an Apple iCloud EULA and turned it into a 44-page booklet, adding an overlay that strategically blacks out most of the text but leaves visible certain words and letters that create a short narrative she calls "The Man Who Agreed":

This is the story of a man,
who one day was too busy
or maybe too lazy
that he, too quickly,
clicked on I agree.
What the latter did not foresee
is that he could never again disagree.
The lesson of this story is
that one shall not concede,
to something one does not read.

Of course, many people shall continue to concede to something they did not read, though Meunier hopes her creative project might at least get some to think about the value of at least scanning the famously tough-to-read documents before agreeing to their terms.

"The aim is to slightly guilt the user into reading, or simply amuse and therefore interest them," Meunier writes in a description of the project on her portfolio site. "Our design had to be a more 'user-friendly' document in a print format. The goal was to design a EULA that would make the user want to read it."

The "Man Who Agreed" booklet measures 4.13 inches by 5.83 inches. The full text above appears, appropriately, on the back cover, and we trust readers will read every single page preceding it before getting there.

Florence Meunier
Florence Meunier

(Via For Print Only)