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Demo: Rock out with the Firefly smart guitar pick

The Firefly Pick is an excellent way to produce a light show as you rip some serious guitar solos. The inventors of the smart pick swing by the CNET studios to give us a live demonstration.

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Peter Holm and Brandon Williams from Capacitron came by the CNET TV studios this week to demo the world's first smart LED guitar pick, the Firefly Pick.

The pick comes in four versions. The Firefly Pick Original flashes rhythmically as you pluck the strings on the guitar. The Firefly Pick Air responds to hand motions as well as guitar picking for awesome air guitar sessions. The Firefly Pick Duo flashes a color on the down stroke and a different color on the up stroke. And the Firefly Pick Insanity, kind of a wild child, randomly chooses different colors on the up and down strokes.

The pick charges with a Mini-USB connection and has up to 2 hours of battery life. The pick is currently on Kickstarter and will cost around $50 if it comes to market.

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