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Demo 07 preview!

Rafe Needleman takes an advance look at Demo 07 product launches.

PALM DESERT, CA -- There are nearly 70 companies launching new products at the Demo 07 conference, which starts tomorrow. I arrived at the show a few hours ago, and I've been poring through the conference materials trying to plan my attack. I'll have a video crew with me, and Erica Ogg, another CNET blogger, is here too. We hope to shoot some cool demos and interviews, and we'll write up the most promising new products.

We can't cover every company, so we're going to focus on the ones below first. They look like the most interesting and useful new ideas for consumers and small businesspeople. The list, of course, is subject to change as we actually see product demos:

Gadgets and enablers
Bling Player: Brings Web 2.0 sites to your phone.
Sonata: New fast-charge, no-fade battery technology. See preview.
Crickett: Pocket wireless hard drive from Seagate.
D'Fusion: Augmented reality.
Zink: Print without ink. See preview.

Content and community
Me.dium: Turns any Web page into a community.
OurStory: Document your life.
Digger: Search that understands what you mean.
Blerts: RSS reader and with desktop alert utility.
Helium: Answer engine now has a debate function. See previous coverage.
SplashCast: Makes custom media feeds. See preview.
SharedBook: Prints blogs.
DesignIn: Social network for people doing home remodels.

Video, audio, and photo
Jaman: Streaming movie service and social network.
Yodio: Online audioblog creator and destination site.
Mixpo: Digital media organizer.
Eyejot: Video voicemail. See preview.
eJamming: Skype for musicians. See preview.

ViM: New-technology stolen car tracker.
Vringo: Video ringtone sharing.

New platforms
Apollo: Adobe brings Web apps to the desktop.

Zoho Notebook: Multiformat document-creation tool.
ReQall: TiVo your brain! Think out loud, recall your thoughts later.

From this list, Erica and I will pick our 5 (or maybe 10) top products from Demo, which we'll post on Thursday.

See also: More Demo 07 coverage on Webware and Crave, including previews of products from before the show opened.