Demented Samsung ad offers harsh lessons on 'puppy love'

Samsung creates another scintillatingly loopy ad in which laptop owners shoot, beat and discard their laptops, as if they were unwanted puppies.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Just cruel. Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Let's face it, puppies can be a nuisance. They look up at you with their needy little faces and they're just another mouth to feed, another ego to tolerate.

Sometimes, they just have to go.

Samsung has decided to investigate this age-old notion and attach it to the way humans neglect their laptops.

Laptops, you see, have feelings too. They don't want to be mistreated. They want to be fed only the best. But the best costs money.

Better to shoot it with a bow and arrow, smash it with your stiletto, or grab it and toss it over a cliff.

No, no, no. These are not my personal recommendations.

These are the scenes depicted in Samsung's demented new ad for solid-state drives.

I am grateful to Mashable for encountering this joyous opus.

You might remember how, the other day, Samsung used Laina, the overly attached girlfriend, to present the idea of a neglected love.

Well, now it has turned laptops into puppies to guilt you into buying its 840 Series SSDs.

Just as the Overly Attached Girlfriend ad was lunatic, this little puppy is beautifully demented.

You will be wondering whether it has a happy ending. You will be wondering whether this is, perhaps, the most tasteless thing you have ever seen in your life.

I am merely grateful that my Thanksgiving Week has been cheered by something out of the ordinary.

Updated at 12:37 p.m. PT: I have just heard from Alex Micu, one of the people at the Viral Factory who are responsible for this work of art. He told me: "We've made the decision to make the video private because it was clearly upsetting some people."

He promised that his company and Samsung would be "reviewing the situation." Perhaps the ad will just PETA out.