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Delta's utterly insane, meme-filled new safety video

Technically Incorrect: There's Charlie Bit My Finger. There's a cat playing the piano. There's the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Still feel safe?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The Will It Blend man. Is the last option "Crush"? Delta/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When was the last time you watched the safety video on a plane?

When was the first time you watched a safety video on a plane?

Have you ever watched a safety video on a plane? This is the dilemma with which airlines fight all the time. These videos are important. In the event, you know, of bad stuff.

So Delta Airlines has decided on a stunning depth of philosophical psychology: the only thing that people are interested in is the Web. And when they're on the Web, they're generally only moved by memes.

Ergo, Delta has stuffed its new safety video with Internet memes. Genius? You decide.

Naturally, this artistic oeuvre includes many animals: the Keyboard Cat, the Dramatic Chipmunk, the Screaming Goat.

Then there's Charlie (still) Biting His Brother's Finger, and, of course, the Overly Attached Girlfriend. It's all very amusingly put together.

The pilot with the Mentos might cause you to wonder if he has some Coke handy.

However, I find myself slightly disturbed when I see the Will It Blend man. He's a wonderful addendum at the end, where he allows you to watch all kinds of Internet memed versions of the so-called "Internetest Safety Video On The Internet."

You can click on various buttons to see these. For example, "Stir," "Chop" and "Puree."

The last one says "Crush." And, well, as a former frightened flyer, all I can see is "Crash."