Dell's New York runway debut--with models!

The runway scene at the launch event for the candy-colored new XPS and Inspiron computers.

Introducing 'Midnight Blue'
Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

Dell might have introduced a new slogan at the New York unveiling of its new Inspiron and XPS machines this morning: "Yours is here." But the event itself, held on a makeshift catwalk at the iconic Macy's department store in Manhattan's Herald Square, was clearly targeting the Gossip Girl demographic--you know, the young and tech-savvy purveyors of "status gadgets."

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

The runway was set up amid the colorful racks of the juniors' department, and massive speakers blared trendy party-style music from Mika, the Strokes, and the Hush Sound. The area around the event was interspersed with nude mannequins holding the sexy new 13" XPS M1330 laptops--hey, psych majors, what's that saying? That we're never naked when we're toting our Dells?

The event was hosted by Alex Gruzen, Dell's senior vice president of consumer products, who said that the event represented a new side of the company. "I hope you can appreciate how unusual this event is. We're here at Macy's in the heart of NYC. That alone is different for Dell," he said. "Plus, this is the center of the fashion world and I'm standing on the catwalk. Trust me, this is very different for me." But it's not all glitz, Gruzen assured. "Our products are the foundation of your digital lifestyle," he said.

When each of the new colors of Inspiron and XPS laptop was announced--flamingo pink, midnight blue, alpine white, espresso brown, sunshine yellow, ruby red, spring green, and jet black--a model clad in white sashayed down the runway as the lighting of the room changed to match the new computer's hue.

The Dell Lounge at Macy's Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

Macy's has also set up a "Dell Lounge" where, for the next two weeks, visitors to the department store will be able to try out the new computers and purchase them. That's a temporary deal, but Gruzen hinted that Dell will be rolling out new permanent retail strategies soon as well.