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Dell updates Alienware M14x, m17x, m18x with new GPUs, but no Ivy Bridge yet

New GPUs, but if you wait another week or two, you can probably get Intel's new CPUs as well.

Dell is rolling out a series of updates to the Alienware M14x, m17x, m18x laptops, including the latest GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. This timing is odd, to say the least, as Intel's third-generation Core i-series CPUs (also known as Ivy Bridge) aren't included.

Instead, these new Alienware models have the current second-gen chips (aka Sandy Bridge). As the high-end quad-core versions of Ivy Bridge are expected to be available from PC makers starting around April 29, the message is clear -- anyone who orders one of these new Alienware laptops before that is a sucker.

If you're interested in ordering one of these updated models after April 29, you'll find the new 600 series graphics cards from Nvidia, as well as updated AMD options. New storage configurations include triple HDDs, with a mSATA slot, or dual hard drives on the smaller m14x. Audio gets a boost, thanks to a Creative Sound Blaster chip (clearly aiming to compete with the successful Beats Audio branding in the HP Envy line).

More interesting is that the 11-inch Alienware m11xis not getting any updates. A couple of years ago, it was Alienware's flagship new product, and one we liked a great deal, but now it seems as if the current stock will be the last we hear of the m11x.

These initial Alienware updates are live on the Dell and Alienware websites right now, with the Ivy Bridge CPUs available sometime after April 29. If you're considering one, just in case we haven't been clear enough, wait the extra couple of weeks.