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Dell unveils new monochrome lasers

Company pushes ahead in printer market with models aimed at small work groups and home-office users.

Pushing ahead with its aggressive strategy in the printer market, Dell on Thursday launched two new monochrome laser printers.

Dell Laser Printer 1710 and its network variant, Dell Laser Printer 1710n, are targeted at small work groups and home-office users. The machines cost $199 and $299, respectively.

The new printer series is similar to Dell's 1700 family printers in price, but it uses a smaller form factor and prints up to 27 pages per minute--a couple of pages more than the earlier series.

Printing each page will cost as little as 1.7 cents when customers use Dell's high-capacity toner cartridge, which is priced at less than $90, the company said.

Both models can be wireless-enabled with an additional cost of $99. Optional memory upgrades are also available.

Dell recently announced plans to push its printers in emerging overseas markets, hoping to piggyback on strong server sales.