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Dell ST2420L fails to crack top 5

The $240 Dell ST2420 isn't one of the top 5 Dell monitors. See which ones are.

The Dell ST2420 isn't one of the top 5 Dell monitors. Josh P. Miller/CNET

When writing a review of a $240 monitor, it's important to keep that price in perspective at all times.

If it's missing essential features or has lackluster performance, you have to ask, "Is that a huge deal for such a low-priced, 24-inch monitor?" Other times, $240 just isn't low enough to excuse certain problems.

I recently posted a comparison of what I think are the very best monitors Dell has to offer. Dell makes really good monitors, but not all of them can be in the top 5 and some won't even come near it.

Check out the review of the Dell ST2420L to see if you can guess how close it comes to breaking through.

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