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Dell simplifies model names: Inspiron 14 and 15

The Dell Inspiron 1420 is now the Inspiron 14, and the Inspiron 1525 is now the Inspiron 15.

Why not just call a 15-inch laptop a 15-inch laptop?

Contrary to industry marketing efforts on the whole, Dell is in the process of simplifying its Inspiron model numbering scheme. The Inspiron 1420 will become the Inspiron 14, and the Inspiron 1525 will do business as the Inspiron 15. A quick scan of Dell's Web site reveals instances of both new and old model numbers, though I'd expect the old four-digit model numbers to slowly disappear from the site.

This rebranding brings Dell's 14- and 15-inch consumer laptops in line with the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook and the recently released Inspiron 13, as well as the Studio 15 and 17 models. For those scoring at home, XPS laptops maintain their four-digit model numbers.

(Via Laptoping.com)