Dell rolls out e-waste recycling for small businesses

Dell will wipe the data clean before recycling small companies' computers and gadgets.

Elsa Wenzel

Dell is offering a new service to recycle tired electronics for small businesses. The program, which will wipe sensitive data from hard drives in the process, will cost $25 each of up to 10 pieces of hardware. Dell also offers companies the option to resell old equipment that remains valuable.

The company began its free curbside recycling pickup for consumers last September. Greenpeace and other environmental groups have given the company high marks for its takeback program. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition lists Dell as one of the nation's "responsible recyclers" that does not send e-waste to developing countries for unsafe dismantling. Hewlett-Packard also recycles goods in the United States.

Dell has accelerated efforts to green its products and practices over the past year. In addition to designing more energy-efficient PCs, in January Dell announced that it will plant trees to make up for carbons emitted from its computers.